Teenager attacks police station with Molotov cocktail and knife

Screenshot of the video published by NEXTA

In Vitsebsk region, an 18-year-old young man stabbed policemen during arrest, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus reports.

Details of the incident have not been disclosed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

However, the alleged attacker H. wrote about the reasons for his actions in his telegram channel. The attack was aimed at the Verhnyadzvinsk district police department.

According to NEXTA, the suspect came to Verkhnyadvzinsk from Smarhon. He planned to attack the police precinct and take possession of weapons, but did not get inside. Instead, the attacker threw a Molotov cocktail at the security office. Before that, he had called the police. The guy cut two policemen when they tried to arrest him. After receiving medical attention, they were released home.

H. had drafted a manifesto in the telegram channel where he explained the reasons for his actions and noted that he acted completely independently.

“My worldview is based on meritocracy, nocrates, transhumanism, social Darwinism, secularism and, to a lesser extent, Nietzscheanism, liberalism and libertarianism in my own eclectic interpretation,” he said.

Explaining his views on the world and Belarus, H. urged the like-minded people to unite in small legitimate revolutionary groups and start preparing for active actions against the current government.

According to the attacker, it’s necessary to destabilize the situation in the country and undermine the reputation of the authorities, as well as to prepare for the seizure of administrative buildings and offices of public media during the rallies to transfer power to the triumvirate.