The Bulbamovie Belarusian Film Festival's 9th edition starts this Friday!

The 9th edition of the Belarusian Film Festival, Bulbamovie, will take place in Warsaw from November 24 to 26. The organizers and Belsat Television invite you to attend the screenings and accompanying events.

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A poster of the 9th edition of the Bulbamovie Festival. Photo

The festival will be held at the Illusion Cinema at 50a Narbutta Street in Warsaw.

The festival program for this year includes almost fifty short and full-length films. 

This year, the Bulbamovie festival will showcase the second and third episodes of the first Belsat series “Processes,” directed by Andrei Kashperski and written by screenwriter Mikhail Zuy. “Processes” is a large-scale project for Belarusian feature cinema. Tickets to attend the screening of “Processes” and other Bulbamovie events can be purchased on the festival’s website.

On November 26, the series’ first episode will premiere in Polish on the Belsat YouTube channel.

The festival is scheduled to start on the evening of November 24. It will commence with the Belsat film “Farewell” screening by Jakub Stankiewicz. It is perhaps the last film shot in Belarus and is expected to move virtually everyone emotionally. The festival will also feature a performance by the Belarusian rock band VOLSKI.

On Saturday, November 25, there will be a review of the first part of “Young Belarusian Cinema,” along with a presentation of the Independent Belarusian Film Academy. In the afternoon, the Polish premiere of Pavel Sichek’s documentary “This Kind of Hope” about Andrei Sannikau, the Belarusian political and social activist candidate for the office of President of Belarus in 2010, is scheduled. In the evening, we invite you to the premiere of the series “Processes.”

On Sunday, November 26, the second part of the “Young Belarusian Cinema” review will take place. During the following hours of the Bulbamovie festival, a documentary film will be shown about a repressed Belarusian family and a visit to the Polish-German border, where Poleshuks, also known as Polesians, the indigenous population of Polesie, are trying to keep their customs and traditions alive.

The final movie of the festival, titled “So Much and So Little” by Alaksandr Matafonau, refers to the first one, “Farewell.” The filming for this movie started in 2020 and continued in Poland during the post-election protests.

The festival program is available on the event website, and you can follow additional news about it on Facebook and Instagram.

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Translated by PEV