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2019.10.18 06:42

FM Makey on integration with Russia: I do not see any danger for Belarus

Belarus Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makey believes that the deepening of economic integration with Russia does not pose a threat to Belarus, but considers it inexpedient to publish the draft integration program now. He said that in an interview with five independent media outlets – TUT.BY, BelaPAN, Radiyo Svaboda, Euroradio and Nasha Niva.

2019.10.18 14:42

Minsk: Two opposition MPs barred from running for parliament again

2019.10.18 12:42

Russia withdrawing from agreement on protection of civilians during war

2019.10.18 10:59 Video

Anarchist Zmitser Paliyenka attempts suicide in court room

2019.10.18 10:28

Personal courage? Lukashenka gets award for ‘border protection’

2019.10.18 08:57

Moscow ready to help Belarusians become native Russian speakers

2019.10.18 06:30

Pedophilia case: two women and man each receive 20 years in prison for molesting own children

2019.10.18 06:12

Online appeal for studying Belarusian Latin script at school

2019.10.17 14:04

Russia should not treat its main ally as enemy – Lukashenka