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2019.05.27 06:08

Danish tourist walks to Belarus from Poland on train tracks

On May 23, at the Bruzgi railway station, Belarusian border guards stopped a 24-year-old Danish citizen who was walking from Poland to Belarus on train tracks. He was stopped 100 meters from the border, the State Border Committee reported.

2019.05.27 06:45

UN International Tribunal orders Russia to release Ukrainian sailors

2019.05.27 06:33

More Belarusians go to work abroad while foreigners come to Belarus

2019.05.24 15:39

Drive-by: Lukashenka visits Stalin-era mass grave site for first time ever

2019.05.24 14:13

Belarus set to purchase oil from Kazakhstan

2019.05.24 13:00

‘Hitler next?‘ BBC viewers trash idea of Tonight With Putin show

2019.05.24 11:32

Belarusian peacekeepers may join UN mission in Lebanon

2019.05.24 10:17

Remains of Jewish ghetto victims reburied near Brest

2019.05.24 08:59

Independence Day parade rehearsal in Minsk (photos)