Belsat versus the massive propaganda machine of Belarus and Russia
Putin and Lukashenka invest billions of USD in propaganda, using the media as a weapon.
Kremlin's blood diamonds on the EU sanctions list
Diamonds have always been a crucial source of income for Russia, the world’s largest producer.
Putin in Wonderland
Every third Russian believes in prophecies of the future, and every fourth in witchcraft.
Why did Belarusians not turn from peaceful protest to violence and murder?
If there are three hundred “terrorists”, where are the terrorist attacks?
Z-movie: it was supposed to be a hit, but it turned out to be schlock trash
The movies are schematic, the scripts are weak, and the actors’ acting is even worse.
Armenia's anti-Russian turnaround
Leon Pińczak writes about increasingly weakening Russian influence in the South Caucasus.
The battle against corruption continues amidst the ongoing war with Russia
To the Ukrainians, triumphing over rampant corruption is just as crucial as defeating Russia.
Russia has fallen behind in the conquest of space
Michał Kacewicz writes about how Russia lost the race to conquer the moon to India.
We explain why Vienna has been a paradise for Russian spies for years
Vienna has been known as Europe’s spy capital since the Cold War.
When will arrest warrant for Lukashenka be issued?
The initiation of lawsuits against the Belarusian regime for its crimes is becoming more and more realistic.
Sino-Russian Automobile Republic
Recently, the Russians chose between Western car brands, now Chinese.
ISW: China's leader will not give Putin the support he needs
“Significant exception” from “the partnership without borders”
Russia: edging toward lawlessness
The changes in the law introduced by Putin make Russia similar to a mafia state