The prison murder of Alexei Navalny is an indication of a new chapter in Putin's rule
Responsibility for the death of the oppositionist falls entirely on Putin.
What purpose does history serve for dictators?
For several years, the official Belarusian historiography has been repeating Russian lies.
If you want peace, prepare for war
In 1938, peace was saved in Munich for a year.
The year 2023 presented multiple challenges for Ukraine. The upcoming year may bring no improvements
The Ukrainian counteroffensive brought only minor results. There were problems with Western aid.
Putin's Kulturkampf. Art in the service of Russian imperialism
Valery Gergiev, a longtime friend of Putin, was appointed the Director of the Bolshoi Theater.
The Circus stars of Russian elections
Under favorable circumstances, Putin could remain in power until 2036. However, these circumstances are unlikely to occur.
The border was supposed to connect but divides the Polish people and the Ukrainians
The situation will worsen if both sides fail to collaborate based on mutual interest and respect.
Russian triathlon
Athletes and fans are dying, and infrastructure is being destroyed. The war is a disaster for Ukrainian sport.
Erasing "gray security zones" and the expansion of the West
Ukraine, Moldova and Bosnia are crossing the Rubicon. Georgia is given an option to choose.
Putin has unleashed the spirit of Russian anti-Semitism and Islamic radicalism
The anti-Semitic attack and the riots at the airport in Makhachkala are an indication of how risky Putin’s game is.
Moscow has no intention of vacating the "Belarusian balcony"
Belarus will not be able to break free from its current situation until the empire is dismantled.
For whom is this belt intended?
Vladimir Putin met with Xi Jinping in Beijing. What did he achieve for himself and Russia?
Cui bono? Who will benefit from the war between Hamas and Israel?
Russia’s position in the Middle East remains strong, which gives Putin hope for his dream of returning to the world stage.