Belsat TV

Another Belsat project was deemed extremist by the authorities in Minsk.
Our program “Belarusian to Belarusian” has been added to the list.
Ukrainian broadcaster reports severe Russian disruption of the Astra satellite, which led to the jamming of the Belsat TV signal.
The Russians also managed to replace the Ukrainian signal with propaganda content.
Comment by the Director of Belsat on the situation with television financing
Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs wants to allocate only 10.170.000 USD for Belsat.
"Processes" at the prestigious international conference INPUT 2024
The Belsat mini-series will be screened in the USA as one of the world’s most engaging public media productions.
Belsat's satirical program has been classified as extremist in Belarus.
It means that sharing and commenting on the content of the program is now punishable.
Belsat versus the massive propaganda machine of Belarus and Russia
Putin and Lukashenka invest billions of USD in propaganda, using the media as a weapon.
The YouTube channel of Belsat's Russian-language Vot-Tak project has gained over 1.3 million subscribers
The project, created six years ago, is aimed at Russian-speaking viewers and readers.
The Russian editorial office of Belsat - Vot Tak - recognized as a "foreign agent" in Russia
Vot Tak portal, in its opinion, was against the special military operation in Ukraine.
Sum of all Belsat’s funerals
Review of Lukashenka’s propaganda about Poland. Special edition.
Tsikhanouskaya in Warsaw. Meetings with the Polish authorities and an appeal to support Belsat
The leader of the Belarusian democratic forces spoke before the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee.
16 years with Belsat: from Belarusian satellite television to an international multi-media platform
Belsat has grown into a versatile medium. Besides satellite and cable networks in several countries, the station now reaches viewers through portals, profiles, and channels on social networks in five languages: Belarusian, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, and English.
The Bulbamovie Belarusian Film Festival's 9th edition starts this Friday!
The first Belsat TV series, “Processes,” will premiere during the festival.