Ukrainian broadcaster reports severe Russian disruption of the Astra satellite, which led to the jamming of the Belsat TV signal.

According to a report by the Ukrainian media company 1+1 Media, the signal transmitted via the Astra4A satellite was interfered with on Thursday, resulting in the jamming of signals of Ukrainian TV stations. The Telekom-kruzhok Telegram channel also reported that this interference affected the Belsat TV program transmitted by the same satellite.

-Since the beginning of March, the Russian Federation has been actively jamming the satellite signal of Ukrainian TV channels on the Astra4A and Hotbird13E satellites, which belong to the European telecommunications companies SES and Eutelsat. 1+1 Media, the owner of eight Ukrainian TV channels, expressed its concern in an official statement.

The Russians not only jammed the signal but also replaced Ukrainian programs with propaganda content of the Russian Federation. Ukrainian broadcasters restored the transmission of their programs on Thursday.

– However, this is not the last attempt of the Russian Federation to interfere with the content of Ukrainian television channels to disorient the public and spread hostile narratives, Especially in the areas near the temporarily occupied towns and villages – it was also written in the statement.

Meanwhile, Telekom-kruzhok, a Telegram channel representing associations of telecommunications specialists, observed that Belsat TV, available on the Astra4 satellite, was also experiencing broadcasting issues.

-The Russians continue to disrupt the signal on the Astra 4A satellite. This time, it was the Belsat channel. What will the reaction of Polish viewers be? Is this not an important issue?)) —says the channel’s comment.

The Telekom-kruzhok post included screenshots that revealed disruptions during the Thursday morning rebroadcast of the Ukrainian news program Yedyni Novyny on the Belsat channel.

In January, the Russian-language editorial team of Belsat, which includes a website and a TV channel, was labeled as a foreign agent by the Russian authorities. This move could lead to repression against the station’s employees working in Russia.


Translated by PEV