Police arrest 800 people on referendum day
All over Belarus, 800 people were arrested
Political prisoner Volha Klaskouskaya on trial in Brest for insulting policeman
This was not the first time he got offended.
Human rights defenders report detention of activists in Minsk, Barysau
Civic activist Antos Zhylko was detained by police on January 12 in Minsk.
Minsk police detain Belarusian activist, symbal.by founder Pavel Belavus
On Monday, Belarusian activist and entrepreneur Pavel Belavus has not been released from the police station. He came there at 11 am after being summoned.
Woman gets three years of restriction of liberty for insultive comment about riot police on web
On October 7, Frunzenski district court of Minsk passed a guilty verdict in the case of Svyatlana Baranouskaya who was accused of insulting female officers belonging to the notorious riot police OMON.
Former investigator talks about special operations, secret database, and salaries of law enforcement officers
Alyaksandr Azarau from BYPOL reveals information
Masked men break into apartment, turn out to be police
Strangers in tracksuits and masks, who for some unknown reason were breaking into the apartment, turned out to be police officers
Police arrive at meeting of Polish teachers in Hrodna
The Union of Poles in Belarus is a large non-governmental organization with branches in dozens of Belarusian towns and villages.
Cyber partisans hack police recordings with brutal orders
They keep hacking into MIA databases
Incredible year of 2020. Photo editor’s pick
In our photo pick, one canl find 25 pictures in which some fateful moments of the Belarusian history are captured.
New head of MES explains when rescuers can use weapons against Belarusians
He also explained why they take down national flags
Security forces break into studio where Belsat films Each of Us show
On Friday afternoon,, uniformed services broke into a Minsk-based studio which is regularly used for filming and making episodes of Belsat TV talk show Each of Us (Kozhny Z Nas).
I Was Being Lucky. Uladzimir’s story: ‘Everyone wanted to hit us, they seemed to enjoy it’
In 2020, Belarus became a country with thousands of detained, beaten, tortured people. In its project ‘I Was Being Lucky’, Belsat TV tells the stories of 21 Belarusians who suffered police brutality.