Political prisoner Alena Maushuk under pressure in jail, relatives report
Alena was deprived of all parcels and visits from her loved ones
Two more 'Pinsk case' defendants sentenced to prison
Twenty-eight people have been punished in the “Pinsk case”
Pinsk: Police search home of human rights activist Veranika Ivanova
The activist has not been detained, but two old phones has been seized; her laptop has been checked out.
Pinsk: Local charity organisation head accused of ‘financing protesters’
The Pinsk prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case against local resident Sh. under Part 2 of Article 342 (‘organisation of actions that grossly violate public order’) of the Criminal Code.
Pinsk: Police raid journalists’ homes
On Friday morning, the police made unexpected visits to two local journalists in the town of Pinsk (Brest region).
‘Unauthorised mass event’ in forest: 15 days in jail for photos with white-red-white flag
On March 9, six persons were tried in the town of Pinsk over the matter of taking a photo in Luninets district on the eve of Belarusian Police Day. They were sentenced to administrative arrest.
Innocent musical instrument craftsman tortured by police
They beat him as much as they could, drove a pin under his fingernail, twisted his fingers, and then threw him into the corridor so as not to stain the sofa with blood.
Teenager attacks police station with Molotov cocktail and knife
In Vitsebsk region, an 18-year-old young man stabbed policemen during arrest, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus reports.