Crosses damaged at Stalinist execution site near Vitsebsk
People say it was done by order of the authorities
‘Insulting state symbols’: Criminal case opened against former political prisoner Syarhei Kavalenka
A criminal case under Article 370 of the Criminal Code was initiated against activist Syarhei Kavalenka in August 2021, Vitsebsk-based human rights activists reports with reference to his ex-wife Alena Kavalenka.
‘Propagating Nazi symbols’: Vitsebsk historian gets 7 days in jail for posting historical photo
Vitsebsk-based photographer and historian Viktar Barysenkau was sentenced to 7 days in jail for sharing a photo of the event from 77 years ago in social networks.
In photos: Biggest-ever Belarusian street protest took place year ago
The very same day the year before, the post-election protests against the Lukashenka regime gained momentum in the country.
Raid on home of political prisoner Pavel Sevyarynets’ parents: Flags, books, umbrella seized
On Thursday, the police raided the flat of Tatsyana and Kanstantsin Sevyarynets in Vitsebsk. Three security officers and some witnesses took part in the search.
Vitsebsk: Man gets 1.5 years of restriction of liberty for ‘insulting’ OMON commander on web
On June 22, Pershamayski district court of Vitsebsk ended hearing the case of 36-year-old local resident Vadzim Yermalovich.
Court rejects complaints of Vitsebsk women detained during Nordic walking
Women were detained for Nordic walking in the woods near Vitebsk
Another death sentence might have been carried out in Belarus – human rights defenders
Death row inmate Viktar Paulau was ‘most likely executed’, the convict’s sister Raisa told Andrey Paluda, coordinator of the campaign ‘Human Rights Defenders against the Death Penalty in Belarus’.
Vitsebsk: Girl gets 20-day jail term for ‘politically unreliable’ mask
Vitsebsk resident Anhelina Turavets was detained during the official event on the occasion of Victory Day on May 9. She was wearing a cloth mask with an image closely resembling a white-red-white flag.
Vitsebsk: Belsat contributor Zmitser Kazakevich gets hefty fine
On March 18, Pershamayski district court of Vitsebsk imposed two maximum fines under part 3 of Art. 23.5 of the Code of Administrative Offences on journalist Zmitser Kazakevich for ‘cooperation with a foreign media outlet’ without being accredited by the Belarusian Foreign Ministry.
University instructor fired after arrest for white-red-white curtains
In spite of the certificate about the stay in the TDF, the university administration claimed that he had missed those days without any valid reasons and dismissed him under the appropriate article of the Labor Law.
Vitsebsk: Young artist sentenced to 2 years in jail over ‘attempt to hit policeman’
Uladzislau Makavetski, a 27-year-old artist from Vitsebsk, has been sentenced to two years of imprisonment in a minimum-security penal colony, our local journalist reports.