COVID-19 in Belarus: Confirmed cases exceed 1,000

As it follows from today’s report by the Belarusian Health Ministry, the number of people who contracted the novel coronavirus has reached 1,066 (976 ill, 77 recovered, 13 dead).

“976 patients are being treated in hospitals. In most cases, the illness occurs in its mild or moderate form. 33 patients need respiratory support; our best intensivists and infectious disease specialists took part in conferences on their cases. After the treatment, 77 patients have recovered. No deaths from the coronavirus infection have been registered in the past 24 hours,” the statement reads.

With every passing day, the number of COVID-19 paients is growing at an increased pace. Thus, for the last four days alone, 626 new cases have been reported in Belarus, which is more than the country registered over the previous month.

According to the ministry, 25,000 health workers are currently involved in combatting the coronavirus in the country; 7,000 hospital beds are available for COVID-19 patients. As of April 8, about 46,000 coronavirus infection tests have been consucted, the Belarusian health officials state.

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