Another COVID record in Belarus with almost 5K new cases per day
This is a new record
Face mask mandate lifted in Belarus in wake of Lukashenka’s lash
The face mask requirement lasted only 13 days in Belarus: it has been lifted on the back of Lukashenka’s recently blasting new anti-covid restrictions.
Delta virus: New schemes and stats fraud
Pricey medicine, secret victims, nepotism. Belarus fight against Coronavirus
Political prisoner’s father dies. Family urges authorities to let Pavel Sevyarynets say last goodbye
Kastus Sevyarynets died in hospital on Friday morning, his daughter, Belarusian educator Hanna Sevyarynets, said on Facebook.
Where does the budget money for medicine disappear?
How the Ministry of Health withdraws budget money through businessmen close to the leadership
Belarus to launch production of Sputnik V vaccine, but mainly for export
A trial batch is already undergoing expert review in Russia
Belarus launches production of Russian coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V
“This is a good start of our scientific and medical cooperation,” said Health Minister Dzmitry Pinevich.
Syarzhuk Douhushau “Where we are”
Being a Belarusian in Belarus is difficult and sometimes impossible. It is tiring, therefore more and more often the most convinced, the most genuine, the most talented Belarusians move abroad – to build their own Belarus there.
Lukashenka is after Belsat journalists -- new reportage
Our story is about Belsat journalists, who have to take risks every day.
Some countries will be first to receive COVID 19 vaccine
The USA, Great Britain, Japan and EU countries have agreed to supply more than 1.3 billion doses.
Fight against coronavirus already cost Belarus almost half billion rubles, Lukashenka says
Lukashenka advises to go on holiday in Belarus, not abroad.
Health Ministry cancels two-week quarantine for people arriving from Russia
Earlier the authorities promised that railway and air communication between Russia and Belarus would soon be restored.
Lukashenka: ‘Belarusians have coped with coronavirus’
During Tuesday’s meeting with Minsk officials, President Alyaksandr Lukashenka has made a comment on the coronavirus situation in the country.