Another COVID record in Belarus with almost 5K new cases per day
This is a new record
‘You had time to run with flags, and I don't have time for you now’. How COVID-19 patients are treated in Belarusian detention centres
Last week it became known that 53-year-old Alena Amelina from Minsk had died as a result of the covid complications after serving an administrative arrest in the remand prison in Akrestsin Street. The woman became infected there. But how numerous such cases are in reality, is actually unknown.
Face mask mandate lifted in Belarus in wake of Lukashenka’s lash
The face mask requirement lasted only 13 days in Belarus: it has been lifted on the back of Lukashenka’s recently blasting new anti-covid restrictions.
Delta virus: New schemes and stats fraud
Pricey medicine, secret victims, nepotism. Belarus fight against Coronavirus
Political prisoner’s father dies. Family urges authorities to let Pavel Sevyarynets say last goodbye
Kastus Sevyarynets died in hospital on Friday morning, his daughter, Belarusian educator Hanna Sevyarynets, said on Facebook.
Politician Ryhor Kastusiou gets COVID-19, has other health issues in KGB jail
Ihar Barysau, chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada), received a letter from Ryhor Kastusiou, the imprisoned leader of the Belarusian People’s Front party. The photo of the letter was published by RFE/RL.
Belarusian government eases border restrictions
It can only be done once every three months
First patient with Delta coronavirus strain dies in Kyiv
The man had returned with an infection from Russia as part of a group of four people.
Sputnik Lite vaccine to reach Belarus in July
Another variety of Russian vaccine against coronavirus will appear in Belarus
No need for compulsory vaccination, says Lukashenka
There will be no Belarusian vaccine this year either