With or without you. Russian professor about Lukashenka’s integration dilemma

The fate of the Union State will be determined by the summer of 2019, Professor Valery Solovey, a historian and expert at Gorbachev Foundation, said in an interview with Russian media outlet Fontanka.

“As far as I know, he was given a dilemma as follows: the integration will occur either with you or without you, so you should choose. Well, he is still hesitating. Everything is to be decided before summer comes,” the Russian historian stressed.

According to him, the Kremlin is not going to make amendments to the Constitution in order to address issues related to the deeper integration and the transfer of authority in Russia.

As reported earlier, at the recent press conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin trumpeted the feasibility of changing any article of the Constitution, except the first one.

Regarding the would-be changes, the work in started began in 2017 at the president’s behest. It was about the amendments on a wide range of issues. But what changes are being planned and what way they will be implemented are now associated with the Belarusian issue. However, in theory, it is possible to put the transition of power in practice without merging with Belarus,” Valery Solovey believes.

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