Alyaksandr Lukashenka

KGB scares citizens with terrorists. Why did Belarusians not turn from peaceful protest to violence and murder?
If there are three hundred “terrorists”, where are the terrorist attacks?
U.S. government supports Belarusian freedom fighters, ambassador says
We spoke with the US ambassador to Poland, Mark Brzezinski.
How Lukashenka distributes land between the members of his hockey team
Alyaksandar Lukashenka has a tendency to criticise private developers for obtaining super profits. However, according to the Belarusian Investigative Centre, there were plenty of precedents when Lukashenka himself was handing out pieces of land in Minsk to his favourites and exempted them from paying a fee
As Lukashenka asks China for help, U.S. issues warning to Beijing
There will be a meeting in Rome about it
Belarusian wood processing industry has been cut off from margin market
Just over a week the belarusian wood industry has suffered twice. First it got hit by sanctions against the attack of russian forces on Ukraine. Then, according to the Belarus Investigative Centre, Belarus got stripped of a prestigious international certificate, which allowed Belarus on the premium market
Lukashenka says he is afraid to attack Ukraine
But he says they want to force him to do it
War in Ukraine: Day 4
Belarusians took to the streets.
Letter to Belarusian friends about shame
Lukashenka allowed Putin to enter Belarusian soil to carry out aggression against his innocent neighbor, Ukraine.
What consequences will Russian-Ukrainian war have for Belarus?
Only Putin needs referendum in Belarus, expert says
Anatol Lyabedzka shares his views with Belsat
Tsikhanouskaya comments on Russia's recognition of LNR and DNR
Lukashenka is still silent
Lukashenka says he may recognize LNR and DNR
But he expects to benefit from it.
Lukashenka wants to arm Emergency Situations staff
This should help in case of war, he thinks