Ultra-fast 5G mobile Internet testing starts in Minsk

Test zones have already been created and are operating in the central areas of the capital. Access to ultra-fast mobile internet is provided by the Belarusian company beCloud using Ericsson’s broadband wireless access equipment. Testing is organized according to the Non standalone (NSA) scenario using the existing LTE network.

Experimental zones will allow beCloud to test potential zones for 5G use — the capabilities of the new technology will be useful for the industrial Internet, unmanned vehicles, video analytics and a number of other projects. Base stations will allow beCloud to provide ultra-high-speed data transmission — 1 Gb/s and more per subscriber device. Also, the pilot zones will allow studying the prospects of using the 3.5 GHz band with other systems.

“In the coming year we have plans to gradually expand the coverage of the test network in Minsk to test the capabilities of the new technology. Of particular interest are the pilot zones for testing unmanned vehicles, in the media industry and other solutions,” said BeCloud CEO Aleg Syadzelnik.

The 5G technology is a new generation of high-speed data transmission, the next step from the existing standards (GSM, 3G, 4G / LTE). 5G technology in the future is intended to become the main standard for data transmission. It will provide higher throughput compared to what is available today.

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2018.12.04 21:25