Encyclopedia in the service of the Kremlin. The Russian version of Wikipedia steals entries and turns them into propaganda.
Our Russian-language portal, Vot Tak, investigated how Ruviki modified articles about Ukraine, repression, and terrorist attacks in Russia.
The YouTube channel of Belsat's Russian-language Vot-Tak project has gained over 1.3 million subscribers
The project, created six years ago, is aimed at Russian-speaking viewers and readers.
A decade and a half on the air. 'Belsat seemed to be a difficult task to pursuit.'
15 years ago, Belsat seemed unrealistic project, today it’s a much-needed source of info
Ukraine to receive more Starlink satellite internet systems
Zelensky agreed on it with Elon Musk
How come that arms business stood at the origins of telecommunication provider “beCloud”?
About 10 years ago Belarus authorities introduced a big telecommunication operator “Belarus Cloud Technologies”.The company partially belongs to anonymous offshore companies. All other mobile operators and other state enterprises have to pay these middle companies. Journalists for the “Davaite razbiratsia” program conducted their own investigation of the scheme
Authorities set to block news website
The prosecutor’s office of Hrodna region has decided to restrict access to the popular Internet portal Hrodna.Life.
Lukashenka authorizes Internet blocking
Failure to block the internet could mean a withdrawn license
OAC under Lukashenka stands to turn off Internet in Belarus
Those who disobey will be punished
Internet access limited in Belarus, number of sites blocked
Residents of the capital report the low Internet speed. A number of services are down and some websites cannot be reached.
Interior Ministry ready to 'effectively block access' to Internet in certain cases
It’s gonna happen in “case of threat”
Belarusian civil servants banned from visiting certain websites has learnt about the order.
Angela Merkel leaves room for response to hacker attacks from Russia
Germany has ‘hard evidence’ of Russian hackers’ implication in the cyberattack on the Bundestag in 2015, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on May, 13.