Russian journalist auctions gift from Lukashenka

Russian journalist Sergei Parkhomenko has put up for sale the watch he received as a gift from the President of Belarus in 1997.

This is not a personal gift from Lukashenka, but, honestly, a standard “presidential souvenir”. In autumn 1997, a large delegation of Russian chief editors of various publications flew to Minsk to meet with Lukashenka. As far as I remember, the organizer of this meeting was the then leadership of TASS agency. After the event all the participants, as it often happens, were presented with souvenir bags. There were some photo albums with views of Belarus, postcards, information booklets. There was also a box with a watch of the Luch brand, gilded watch,” said Sergei Parkhomenko to

On January 4, 50,000 Russian rubles were offered for the watch. The auction will last until January 7.

Sergei Parkhomenko is going to transfer the money, earned on the sale of watch, to the assistance fund called Dissernet.

Dissernet is a group of fighters against fraud and forgery in the field of scientific and educational activities, particularly in the process of defending dissertations and awarding academic degrees in Russia.