Poland may help Belarus move closer to West, but there’s catch

Poland is ready to support Belarus in its getting closer to the West, Deputy Foreign Minister Paweł Jabloński said on the airwaves of Polish Radio.

According to him, Warsaw may contribute to the rapprochement of Belarus and the West, but this process ‘cannot be fully unconditional, because one should not legitimize the regime of Alyaksandr Lukashenka’.

In his political game, the Belarusian leader aims at the retention of power, the top official believes. However, the signals sent by Belarus to the West are still relatively weak, Paweł Jabloński said.

In his opinion, although Lukashenka shows no intention to yield to the dictation of Moscow, he is also unwilling to bring such changes that would allow for Belarus’ reaching out to Western Europe.

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2019.12.28 11:49