Italy to close shops and restaurants over coronavirus

Starting from March 12, all cafes, restaurants and almost all shops will be closed in Italy. Only pharmacies and supermarkets will be open. The restrictive measure, which aims to curb the spread of coronavirus, will continue until March 25, reports

On March 10, the Italian government announced a quarantine in the country, which will last until April 3. As part of the measures, restrictions on movement have been introduced. There are no museums in the country, schools and universities are closed and mass events have been canceled. In addition, shops, cafes and restaurants will be closed until March 25. Only pharmacies and supermarkets will be open.

Italy is in the second place in the world and the first in Europe for coronavirus spread. More than 12 thousand infected people have been identified in the country. The virus has taken the lives of 800 people.

A total of 126,136 coronavirus infected people were registered in the world as of March 12. The infection has taken the lives of 4,630 people. At the same time, doctors have cured 68,219 people who recovered from the infection with coronavirus.