Austrian Chancellor talks with Putin about Belarus
This was reported by the Kremlin
Belarus shows high cumulative number of COVID-19 cases – WHO
The five European countries reporting the highest cumulative numbers of confirmed COVID-19 cases over the past 14 days are the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Belarus, and Italy, Dr Hans Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe, said on May, 28.
Belavia to resume flights to Italy
But the number of flights has been reduced
7,019 people dead from coronavirus
Almost 28,000 people became infected in Italy.
Italy to close shops and restaurants over coronavirus
Only pharmacies and supermarkets will be open.
Homiel region: Local schoolers who returned from Italy under doctors’ care
Last month, eleven students of the Rechytsa district schools were on holiday in Italy. The group returned to Belarus on February, 28. Belarusian health professionals are monitoring their physical condition and well-being.
Already three patients in Belarus with suspected coronavirus
One of the tests of a Belarusian, who lives in Vitsebsk region, revealed a fragment of caronavirus RNA.
Italian banker fascinated by Belarusian provincial life
Italian banker Roberto had always dreamed of feeling the atmosphere of Belarusian life in the province, as well as being at a village disco. To do this, the “Welcome to Belarus” team took him to the village of Zaversha, near Drahichyn, in Palessye. They stopped in the local hotel.
Italian visits Belarus to explore mountains and much more
Italian Paolo Maggiora has been enjoying climbing for many years. It is his third time in Belarus, but this time he set himself a clear goal.