Russian neo-Nazi who tortured Ukrainian prisoners shows off his holiday in Belarus

Alexei Milchakov, a notorious neo-Nazi leader of the so-called sabotage and reconnaissance group Rusich and separatist fighter in Donbas, has recently posted a photo of himself staying in a Belarusian village. He was allegedly on holiday in our country.

Ukraine’s Military Prosecutor’s Office declared Milchakov as wanted in November, 2016.

The picture was posted on his Vkontakte social network page on September 7. “Having a rest in a summer cottage in Byelorussia. Old house in the village, shashlik and nature,” he wrote. Milchakov did not specify where exactly the photo had been taken. But earlier, in 2016, the man told reporters that he had made several visits to Belarus and reportedly bought a house in the Vitsebsk region. The Belarusian law enforcement agencies have never been after the separatist.

Milchakov (call signs ‘Serb’, ‘Fritz’) won a reputation of a neo-Nazi and sadist. In Donbas, he cut off ears of killed Ukrainian soldiers, scratched swastikas on their dead faces and made selfies against the backdrop of burned corpses of Ukrainians. Milchakov posted the pictures of his ‘deeds’ on social networks.

Alexei Milchakov established the subversive and reconnaissance group Rusich which included Russian nationalists. A pre-trial investigation found that in June 2014 – August 2015 the group had been fighting against Ukraine in Donbas. Laying an ambush near Privetnoye village (Luhansk region) the separatists killed about 40 soldiers of Aydar Battalion and the 80th Air Assault Brigade.

In 2017, the Prosecutor’s Office filed an indictment against the separatist; he was accused of terror attack, encroachment on territorial integrity of Ukraine waging aggressive war. The trial was to be held in absentia. has sent a request to the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine asking whether they contacted the Belarusian special services over the case of Milchakov and whether they are aware of his visits to Belarus.

In May 2016, a massive public outcry was caused when mass media reported the story of Belarusian children’s taking part in a military training. Boys from Vitsebsk, Talochyn, Drutsk were taken to Russia where they were instructed by Rusich militants, including their leader Alexei Milchakov.

According to Russian media, in 2017 Alexei Milchakov was spotted among the soldiers swimming in the pool at a military base of the private military company Wagner in Syria.