Better than under Rákosi, worse than under Jaruzelski: What can repressions in Belarus be compared to?
Since the summer of 2020, the most massive repressions in the recent history of Belarus have taken place. compares the scale of terror of 2020-2021 with the repressive campaigns of some dictatorial regimes in Europe in the 20th century.
Ostarbeiter Women
The protagonists of the film are “Ostarbeiter women”, women deported from occupied Belarus to Germany to perform forced labor during World War II. There were over 200,000 of them, and only a few hundred are still alive today. The protagonists of the film are between 83 and 99 years old and most of them have never shared their personal stories in public.
Siloviki push for recognising white-red-white flag, slogan ‘Long live Belarus’ as symbols of Nazi collaborators
The Belarusian Interior Ministry has sent a draft document ‘On making lists of organisations and other bodies, Nazi symbols and paraphernalia’ to the State Security Committee (KGB) for reviewing, pro-Lukashenka Union of Journalists reports.
Punitive psychiatry on agenda in Belarus again. How it was used by tzar, Nazis and communists
At least one Belarusian who, according to the prosecutor’s office, publicly criticized and insulted Alyaksandr Lukashenka, was sentenced to compulsory treatment in a psychiatric hospital.