Russian Navy now arms its ships with hallucinogenic effect weapon

The new weapon is called visual and optical noise system 5P-42 “Filin”, the Russian agency reports citing the holding company “Roselectronika”, which produces the weapon system.

The system is designed to blind the enemy at night and in twilight. The action of “Filin” is based on the light radiation brightness modulation.

“The equipment was tested on volunteers who were supposed to shoot small arms at targets. During the tests, they said that “they cannot find a target.” About 20% mentioned the hallucinogenic effect of exposure, described it as “a spot of light floating before my eyes,” and 45% complained of dizziness, nausea, signs of disorientation in space,” Roselectronika reports.

Several more ships of the Russian Navy with a range of about 4,500 nautical miles will receive such weapon system.,