Russian govt resigns, Medvedev to get position in Security Council

The Russian government has resigned in the wake of Vladimir Putin’s address to the Federal Assembly.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev voiced the decision against the background of today’s proposals by President to make amendments to the Constitution.

According to him, the case is not only amending a number of articles of the Constitution, but changing the balance of three branches of power.

“In this context, it is clear that the Government of the Russian Federation must provide the President of our country with the opportunity to take all the necessary decisions. Under these conditions, I believe that the Russian Government’s resignation in accordance with Art. 117 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation was the right thing,” the Russian newspaper Kommersant quotes Medvedev.

Vladimir Putin also announced his intention to establish a new office of deputy head of the Russian Security Council and appoint Dmitry Medvedev to this post.

“I believe that it is possible and I will do this in the future, I will introduce the post of the Security Council’s deputy chair. As it is known, president is the chairperson of the Security Council.Dmitry [Medvedev] has always been dealing with these issues. From the standpoint of enhancing our defense capability and security, I believe that it is possible and asked him to handle issues of this kind in the future,” news agency TASS quotes Putin.

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2019.12.23 07:54