20 years in power: Who is Mr Putin? (ENG video)

On December 19, Russian President Vladimir Putin held an annual press conference. According to him, his goal was to ‘summarise the year’s results, to see what we achieved and what we could not achieve and why’.

It is needless to say that Vladimir Putin has been the most significant figure in Russia’s political life for twenty years. What have his old views developed into? What new topics have sprung? Will one be able to catch the Russian leader in a lie when comparing his speeches delivered over the past years?

Belsat TV has picked out the most important statements by Vladimir Putin that were voiced at big presidential press conferences in 2013-2018. What has grown into a habit is giving much attention to the issues of Ukraine, sanctions slapped by the West and Russian opposition. From time to time, nostalgia for the Soviet era does slip in his rhetoric.

Putin: No subsidizing Belarus without further establishing Union State


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