Mass arrests of activists in Homiel region

Since early August, police have been hunting for democratic activists, and many are forced not to spend the night at home.

On August 5th, an activist Uladzimir Nyapomniashchykh was detained near polling station #16 in Homiel. He was not allowed to observe at the polling station, so he was forced to watch from the porch of the trade union house. Around 20:30 Uladzimir was detained, he is in the police station.

Uladzimir Nyapomniashchykh.

Russian freelance journalist Leanid Kudzinau was also deported on August 5. On May 7, he took part in an action of solidarity with Syarhei Tsikhanouski in the center of Homiel. On July 3rd, he videotaped the arrest of the activist and made materials in his blog about her trial.

On July 31 in the center of Chachersk police detained local activist Yury Kavaliou. On August 4th, he received 10 days of administrative arrest and is now in the Homiel temporary detention center. His relatives are not told exactly why their relative was detained. The police have been hunting for his son Artsyom for several days. On August 5th , his mother’s house was searched and police officers in civilian clothes are constantly on duty near his family apartment.

The police are on duty at the apartment and the house of parents of “Country for Life” activist Dzmitry Lukomski. During the campaign pickets for Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya he conducted online broadcasts.

The activist Alyaksei Yeliseyeu was detained on August 5th, at lunchtime in the village of Chornaye. He had been hiding from the police for a month and a half in order not to be sent to serve an administrative arrest for participation in an unsanctioned event while collecting signatures for the candidates. The local police officers placed him in the Rechytsa temporary detention facility. Yeliseyeu is the father of six children.

On August 3rd , Yauhen Vasilkou, administrator of “Khoiniki for Life” group, was sentenced to 10 days of administrative arrest. He was accused of disobeying police officers.

On 27 July, Vital Hrytskou was they sent to serve 15 days of arrest. He was convicted for participation in a protest against non-registration of Viktar Babaryka and Valer Tsapkala in Zhlobin on July 14.