Valer Tsapkala

How come that arms business stood at the origins of telecommunication provider “beCloud”?
About 10 years ago Belarus authorities introduced a big telecommunication operator “Belarus Cloud Technologies”.The company partially belongs to anonymous offshore companies. All other mobile operators and other state enterprises have to pay these middle companies. Journalists for the “Davaite razbiratsia” program conducted their own investigation of the scheme
Criminal case launched against former presidential wannabe Valery Tsapkala
Valery Tsapkala, an emigre politician and might-have-been presidential candidate, is facing a criminal charge for allegedly calling for ‘actions that harm national security’.
Democratic teams 'meet together and discuss Victory Plan 2021'
Next week the details of the plan will be revealed.
Veranika Tsapkala leaves Russia for Ukraine
She was kept at the border for several hours.
Watch election night on Belsat even without Internet access
We will start an unprecedented 18-hour live broadcast.
Mass arrests of activists in Homiel region
Since early August, police have been hunting for democratic activists, and many are forced not to spend the night at home.
Presidential hopeful in exile asks 32 country leaders to help Belarus
Might-have-been presidential candidate Valery Tsapkala has written an open letter to the presidents and prime ministers of 32 countries, including the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Poland, Ukraine. Russia is not on the list, TV channel Dozhd (Rain) reports.
Lukashenka’s might-have-been rival takes children, leaves Belarus
Valery Tsapkala, a participant in the 2020 election campaign, took his children and left Belarus for Moscow overnight into Friday, a trusted source told Belsat.
Valery Tsapkala: Our task is to remove this administration
The former Chairman of the HTP calls for the establishment of the Committee for Popular Unity
Election teams of Babaryka, Tsapkala and Tsikhanouskaya unite
“We unite our efforts!” said the statement.
42K confirm support for Lukashenka’s rival after authorities invalidate thousands of signatures
Nearly 42,000 people have responded to the call of wannabe presidential candidate Valery Tsapkala to protect their signatures, according to the official website of the politician.
Valer Tsapkala: I will fight for every signature
The former head of the HTP plans to appeal against the decision of the commissions.
And then there are six: Hi Tech Park founder denied presidential candidate registration
Valery Tsapkala will no longer take part in the presidential race. After the check conducted by the Central Election Commission (CEC), only 75,000 signatures collected for his presidency nomination have been accepted as valid.