Lukashenka closes down presidential Information and Analitycal Centre

On February 18, Decree No. 49, which provides for disbanding the Information and Analitycal Centre (IAC) attached to the Presidential Administration, has been published on the national legal portal

Its properties will be handed over to the newly-founded Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies which is being created ‘for the purpose of information and analytical support of the activities of state bodies in strategic areas of foreign and domestic policy’. It is expected to study the development trends of international, socio-political and socio-economic processes, as well as risks and challenges in the information sphere.

Lukashenka establishes research institute to tackle problems in information sphere
2019.02.13 11:29

The Information and Analytical Centre has worked in Belarus since 2006. In a recent poll, the IAC stated that 75% of the population of Belarus were dissatisfied with price hikes, 43% – with living standards.