Issue of peace with Russia may be put to referendum in Ukraine – top official

The issue of Ukraine-Russia peace agreements might be put to a nationwide referendum, Andriy Bohdan, who was appointed Head of the presidential administration by Volodymyr Zelensky, says.

“We are considering putting the issue of reaching a peaceful agreement with Russia to a nationwide referendum, so that not only lawmakers could vote and the president could decide – it is the people of Ukraine who could decide,” Ukrainian media outlet UNIAN quotes Bohdan.

According to him, the presidential team may resort to the referendum option if the ‘ultimate decision’ is met by a mixed reception by Ukrainians.

In his opinion, one should be ready to reach a compromise. Andriy Bohdan stressed that Zelensky’s team would never be trading on Ukraine’s territories and people.

At the same time, the top official refused to go into detail. “Diplomats have a very good rule, i.e. not to fix their red lines before the start of negotiating,” he said.

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2019.05.22 09:28