Factory seeking refutation of controversial photo with soap

The management of the Maladzechna plant of powder metallurgy demands that the Regionalnaya Gazeta refutes the information about the soap tied to the tap with a rope.

On October 10 last year the Regionalnaya Gazeta published a photo sent by the reader of the newspaper, showing a toilet soap near the washbasin tied to the tap with a rope. The story appeared under the headline “So as not to be stolen. In the toilet at the Maladzechna plant, soap was tied with a rope”.

Photo: rh.by

Then the director of the plant Aleh Tapalau commented on this photo.

“This is a provocation,” he said.

Now the plant demands that the Regionalnaya Gazeta publicly apologized and refute the information about soap on the rope. According to the company’s management, the information that was published does not correspond to reality and may negatively affect the company’s financial results.

The court summons will be considered in Minsk Regional Economic Court.

“We don’t understand what refutation we have to give, because the plant confirms the photo, which shows soap on a rope. And we do not know what to refute. So we disagree with the demand and we reject the subpoena. We are sure that we are right, but the court will decide, it is not known how they will approach it. The court also invited a linguistics expertise professional, as there’s a comment under the photo,” editor-in-chief Alyaksandr Mantsevich told Belsat.