Doctor from Hrodna who wrote appeal to Lukashenka hospitalized by force

Ales Loban is being hospitalized to an infectious disease hospital, BBelsat has learned.

Ales Loban, a doctor who came from the Netherlands to Hrodna on March 17, has been taken away by an ambulance. Mr Loban managed to call journalists and tell them that he was being taken to an infectious disease hospital in an ambulance. Ales said that he did not call an ambulance and did not complain about anything.

“They said I had the temperature of 37.1 and sore throat,” Loban said of the reason for his hospitalization. Doctors did not reveal their plans.

As our journalists found out earlier, Ales Loban was warned by doctors on the phone about the quarantine. Since he had come from the Netherlands, he now had to stay home, they said.

Earlier Ales Loban published an appeal to Alyaksandr Lukashenka demanding to close the borders of Belarus due to the coronavirus spread.

Dziana Ratkevich/