Belarus raises oil transit tariff by 6.6%

The tariff on transit of Russian oil and petroleum products through the territory of Belarus rose on February 1, BelTA reports.

On January 30, Minister of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade Uladzimir Kaltovich stated that the tariff would increase by more than 6%.

According to him, negotiations with Russia have failed, so the article of the procedure, establishing the procedure for raising tariffs on oil transit, comes into force. It includes the average annual inflation rate, set by the forecast of Russia, plus three percentage points.

Mr Kaltovic added that the parties have disagreements on the definition of tariffs.

Earlier, Kommersant reported that Minsk and Moscow would not force negotiations on the terms of transit of Russian oil through the Belarusian territory.

According to the sources of the Russian newspaper, Belarus and Russia have not yet agreed on the size of the tariff for oil transit through the Druzhba pipeline via Belarus and have suspended negotiations. In their view, the parties simply waited until the transit rate was automatically indexed by 6.8% on February 1 in accordance with the intergovernmental agreement. Minsk, however, demanded a 16.6% increase in the tariff for 2020 in connection with the supply of dirty oil from Russia last year.