Ukraine stops transit of Belarusian potash fertilizers
Transit will stop indefinitely
Estonia extends sanctions on transit of Belarusian oil products
She invites the rest of the EU countries to do the same
Lithuania looking for bypass routes as transit via Belarus gets banned
Possible routes run through Poland or Latvia
Belarusian potash not directed via Russia after Lithuanian transit stopped
On February 1, 2022, Lithuania stopped the transit of Belaruskali products through its territory.
Belaruskali to appeal against decision of Lithuanian Railways to terminate contracts
A complaint was received yesterday
Lithuanian railroad receives three requests from Belarusian companies for transit of potash fertilizers
But these contracts will first be checked by a special government commission
Lithuanian Railway warns Belaruskali about transit termination
But there are caveats
Lukashenka's regime threatens to block transit and stop exports to Lithuania
Halouchanka says that Belarus is ready for Lithuania to stop the transit of Belarusian fertilizers.
Lithuanian government commission says contract with Belaruskali poses threat to national security
The government will make the final decision
New rules for truck drivers crossing Belarus
The Council of Ministers of Belarus has defined new rules for truckers, who transit through our country. The document has been published on the National Legal Internet Portal.
Belarus raises oil transit tariff by 6.6%
The tariff on transit of Russian oil and petroleum products through the territory of Belarus rose on February 1, BelTA reports.