At least 17 people detained on Independence Day in Belarus

At least 17 people were detained in different parts of the country on July 3, when the official Independence Day was celebrated in Belarus, human rights center Viasna reports.

On this day, people were urged through social networks to get into the main streets of their cities and express their disagreement with the election campaign. The police got in the detention mode.

In Homiel, police detained Alena Davydava, activist of the “candidates for protest” team, on her way out of the house. The woman was put in a car and taken to a police station.

It is also reported that Alyaksei Ramanau was detained on the Homiel beach, where a protest rally was scheduled. Later the police called him an ambulance, as the man got sick. Svyatlana Narskina was allegedly detained on the administrative case and taken to the police station for “preventive talk”.

In addition, policemen were placed outside the houses of activist Yury Ulasau and blogger of YouTube channel Real Belarus Ivan Ramyazouski.

Alyaksandr Miliuk, a member of Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya’s initiative group was detained in Masty after an unknown man approached him on the street demanding money and pushing the activist. Miliuk asked the police for protection, but was detained. Miliuk remains in the temporary detention center until the trial, which will be held on Monday in Skidzel.

Human rights activists of Viasna also learned about the detention of Skidzel-based Yauhen Klimuk, who was summoned to the police station and later placed in a temporary detention center.

Three people were detained in Barysau, wearing T-shirts with the inscription “JULY 3”, styled to look like 3%. Maxim Borushko, Pavel Pustashila and Alyaksandr Kulneu were soon released. In the evening, Dzmitry Shuvalau was also detained and released some time later. All four of them didn’t have protocols drawn on them but rather had police ‘explain’ some things to them.

During the picket in Brest 7 people were detained and the administrative process was started against them.

A man and his wife were detained in Minsk during Lukashenka’s speech on Victory Square. It turned out that the woman was 8 months pregnant. They were put in a car and brought about 300 meters away, then released without explanation.

Human rights activists also report on the detention of a guy in a T-shirt with national symbols in Maladzechna and another person in Mahiliou.