Belarusian athlete Hanna Sola wins silver at Biathlon World Cup

On December 12, the Belarusian biathlete Hanna Sola won the silver medal in the pursuit race of the World Cup in Hochfilzen.

The first place went to Marte Olsbu Røiseland of Norway and the third to Swede Elvira Karin Oeberg. Dinara Alimbekova of Belarus won fourth place.

Hanna Sola won the gold medal in the sprint at the World Cup in Hochfilzen. December 10, 2021.
Photo: sola _ _ hanna / Instagram

On Friday, December 10, Hanna Sola won the gold medal in the World Cup sprint and had the best result of her career at the time. It was her first individual gold at the Biathlon World Cup.

At the Biathlon World Championships 2021 in Slovenia, Sola managed to get on the podium for the first time after coming third in the sprint.

Hanna Sola is the only biathlete of the Belarusian team who did not sign the pro-governmental letter of the athletes after the events of August 2020. She explained her decision in the following way: “I have a lot to thank the country for, but first of all, I would like the sport to remain outside of politics. It’s hard to concentrate on sports results when reading sad news from Belarus. Therefore, my position is not even political, but universal: for peace, compliance with the law, and resolution of any issues without violence.”