Journalist Nadzeya Kalinina released but her trial not over

The Minsk Leninski Borough Court has postponed the hearing in the case of journalist Nadzeya Kalinina of The woman was released, as three days had passed since her detention, BAJ reports.

Nadzeya Kalinina was detained on January 29. journalist tried to get into the cultural center “Kamvol”, where the capital delegates of the All-Belarusian People’s Assembly were gathered. Kalinina was not allowed to the meeting with the participation of the officials and was detained soon afterwards. The reasons for detention became known only during the trial. The judge said that the journalist was accused of unauthorized picketing: she allegedly shouted “provocative slogans”. Police also filed a report for disobedience to officer during an illegal picket.

At the trial journalist asked to show a video from the House of Culture, where the detention took place. At first Judge Tatsiana Shotsik rejected the request, but then concluded that it was necessary to demand a video from the cultural center. After that the trial will continue.