Lukashenka's eldest granddaughter gets married

Viktoria Lukashenka’s wedding.
Photo: Pool One / Telegram

Viktoria, the eldest granddaughter of Alyaksandr Lukashenka, got married on July 31, telegram channel ‘Pool of the First’ reports.

The message was a response to the publication of Anton Matolka, in which he reported that Lukashenka had celebrated the wedding of his granddaughter in Lebyazhye. According to him, it was “a feast for 400 guests.” Matolka also asked to send photos of the celebrants.

The semi-official ‘Pool of the First’ responded by stating that there were invited not 400, but about 70 guests.

Who is Viktoria Lukashenka?

Viktoria, 23, is the eldest daughter of Viktar, son of Alyaksandr Lukashenka. She is the oldest of Lukashenka’s seven grandchildren.

The girl starred in the 2008 film “On the Back of the Black Cat” with Philip Kirkorov and Vera Polyakova, wife of Uladzimir Makey. In 2010 she performed in the Russian TV series “Candlelight Fortune Telling”. Viktoria Lukashenka graduated from Minsk Gymnasium No. 16 and the paid department of the Faculty of International Relations of Belarusian State University, specializing in “World Economy.”

“Wedding on Bones and Blood”

Political analyst Pavel Vusau commented on the wedding of Lukashenka’s granddaughter in his telegram channel, calling it “a wedding on the bones and blood.”

“The Belarusian authorities threaten its people with the NATO and sanctions, the system unleashed a full-scale terror against the “enemies,” the population is called to mobilization, and there is a feast for 70 people (officially). In theory, the entire “squadron” must be at the wedding,” he said.

According to the political analyst, “Lukashenka has decided to party like a sultan in the country’s darkest days. And this despite the fact that the people are extremely tired and irritated by all his absurd rants and statements.”

“Moreover, according to his own words, a war has been unleashed against Belarus, fascists are everywhere and here comes a “wedding”. Even the last idiot understands that in this situation of “war” one must be modest and save every penny, to say nothing of personal public celebrations. But Lukashenka continues to live his life detached from reality; neither Covid nor the election of the 20th, have changed his conscience one bit. Personal comfort is above all, although the crisis is not resolved and the system is far from being stable,” says Pavel Vusau.

In his opinion, with his actions, Lukashenka “keeps adding wood to the fire that will eat up him and the system.”