Top 10 most beautiful palaces in Belarus you may never heard of

When it comes to the architectural heritage of Belarus, the “country of castles and palaces”, people usually remember Mir, Lida, Navahrudak, Hrodna Castle, Palace in Niasvizh, Ruzhany, Kosava, Homiel. But there are many more palaces remaining in Belarus: some of them after the restoration became registry offices or museums, while others collapsed and were put up for auction. We compiled a rating of the most beautiful palaces in Belarus, which are not yet as heavily promoted as Mirski or Niasvizh castles, so that everyone could learn more about the Belarusian history and culture.

1. The Valovich Palace

The palace was built in 1779 in the village of Svyatsk in Hrodna region. It was based on the project of the Italian architect Giuseppe de Sacco. According to the legend, Mr Valovich ordered his pregnant daughter to be buried alive in one of the the second floor columns of the palace for falling in love with a groom. Before 2000, the building hosted the “Svyatsk” hospital for tuberculosis patients.

2. The Umyastouski Palace

It was built from 1805 to 1877 in the village of Zhamyslaul. It was planned as a copy of the “Lazenki” royal residence in Warsaw. Several years ago, the palace was purchased by a businessman from Ireland.

3. The Palace of Svyatapolk-Chatsvertsinski

It is located in the village of Zhaludok, Shchuchyn district. The palace was built in 1908 by the architect Marconi, it was ordered by of Prince Uladzimir Chatsvertsinski – a representative of the family, which originates from Rurik. It was here that the films “Masakra” , the first Belarusian horror movie, “Kinder-Vileika Ghost”, as well as a number of other films and clips were filmed. Now the palace belongs to the Russian family.

4. The Nyamcevich Manor

It was erected in 1758-1777 in the village of Skoki. On the eve of the signing of the Brest Peace Treaty, negotiations of the Soviet Russia and Germany delegations were held in the palace.

5. The Palace of Khraptovich

The palace was built in 1770-1776 in the village of Shchorsy. It was based on the design of the Italian architect Giuseppe de Sacco. It was in this palace that a famous library of Khraptovich, which had about 15,000 books was kept. People like Chachot, Poczobut- Odlanicki, Lelewel, Mickiewicz worked here.

6. The Manor of the Kozel-Poklevski

The palace in Krasny Bereg was built in 1890-1893 on the order of the Kozel-Poklevski — man from the family of businessmen, wine merchants, mountain and gold miners.

7. The Voynich-Senazhytski Palace

It is located in the village of Khalch, it appeared at the beginning of 20th century. The first floor is made of brick, the second one is wooden. There is an underground corridor leading to the river. In the Soviet era, the palace was a labor colony of the NKVD, a prison for women with children, as well as a club, the office of a local collective farm.

8. The Chapski Palace

It was built in the first half of the 19th century in the village of Pryluki near Minsk — one of the residences of Count Emeryk Hutten-Czapski.

9. The Butrymovich Palace

The Butrimovich Palace of Pinsk was built in 1784-1890 by the architect Schildhaus for the local warden. For a while, Napoleon Orda, the grandson of the founder of the palace, lived and worked here. The palace was turned into a city registry office and a branch of the Museum of Belarusian Palesse.

10. The Scipions Palace

It was built in Shchuchyn to the order of Prince Francis-Xavier Drutsky-Lyubetski, who served as ambassador in Paris. It is a double of the Maly Trianon Palace, the residence of the French kings.

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