Russian businessman Gutseriyev supplies oil to Belarus

Oil companies of Russian oligarch Mikhail Gutseriyev have started supplying oil to Belarus, TASS reports with reference to own sources.

The companies of Safmar group, controlled by Mikhail Gutseriyev, have already issued the routing instructions for the delivery of 30 thousand tons to the Mazyr refinery.

Safmar confirmed the information about the beginning of deliveries to Mazyr Refinery without specifying the volume.

On January 1, Russia stopped supplying oil to the refineries of Belarus due to the fact that Moscow and Minsk had not signed new contracts. Belarusian refineries continued to operate, but the production capacity utilization was reduced to a minimum technological level. Due to the lack of oil supplies from Russia, Belarus temporarily suspended exports of oil products from January 1.

On January 4, oil supplies to the Belarusian refineries resumed – an agreement was reached with the companies of oligarch Mikhail Gutseriyev, who is friends with Lukashenka. The first batch was purchased at a price that excludes a premium for Russian suppliers (previously the cost of deliveries was calculated as the market value plus the premium of about $ 10).

No agreement on oil supplies at the state level has been reached.