Pro-Lukashenka youth union facing bomb alert

BRSM office in Homiel

On Monday morning, the regional committees of the state-run Belarusian Republican Youth Union (BRSM) got bomb threats via e-mail. Unknown persons claim explosive devices were put in the buildings.

Investigators, military engineers are now checking the BRSM offices all across the country for bombs; rescuers and paramedics are on the watch.

Police officers are taking all necessary measures to ensure public safety, Volha Chamadanava, a representatibe of the Interior Ministry, stressed.

By the moment, the information about the explosives planted has not been confirmed.

UPD No bombs have been found in Homiel, Hrodna, Mahiliou and Vitsebsk offices. It seems that the alarm has been false.

As the regional committees’ numbers keep being unavailable, failed to ask for a comment on the situation.


The BRSM in Lukashenka’s Belarus is reminiscent of Komsomol in the USSR. It serves political purposes, i.e ideological brainwashing, diverting youth’s attention from political issues.

Lukashenka slams pro-govt youth organization for window-dressing
2017.08.24 12:19