Poland cancels visa fees for Belarusian children and youth

Poland has canceled the Schengen visa fee for young Belarusians even before the agreement between Belarus and the European Union on visa facilitation entered into force.

Starting from February 29, children aged 6 to 18 years and young people under the age of 25, participating in seminars, conferences, sports, cultural or educational events organized by nonprofit organizations, do not have to pay for their visa applications at Polish consular offices in Belarus to be received and considered of Schengen.

The zero tariff rate for consular fees will remain in force until 31 December 2020. Applicants are not exempt from the obligation to pay in case of re-admission and review of visa applications for Schengen or national visas.

Advisor to the Ambassador of Poland in Minsk, Arkadiusz Kłębek, notes in the commentary for belsat.eu that the consul will decide on the term of the visa issued.

Parents, who previously received a visa from the consulate of another EU country, may also apply for a visa for their children at the Polish diplomatic missions in Belarus, the source said.

On February 2, 2020, the residents of the countries which did not sign an agreement with the European Union on visa facilitation, will have to pay €80 instead of €60 for Schengen visas.

Therefore, Belarusians now have to pay € 80 for a Schengen visa, while children aged 6-12 have to pay € 40.

On January 8, Belarus and the European Union signed an agreement on visa facilitation and readmission, but it will come into force only in June 2020.