Belarusian low-cost airline planned for Hrodna

There are plans to create a budget airline in Hrodna, said the Minister of Transport and Communications, Alyaksei Auramenka on the air of STV channel.

The head of the Ministry of Transport noted that Belarus had previously signed an agreement with the Hungarian budget airline Wizz Air on budget flights from the airport to Hrodna, but the Coronavirus Pandemic intervened in the negotiations.

“I hope we will resume the negotiations. And, of course, we actively invite low-cost companies to fill our regional airports,” said Auramenka.

Also, the agency is thinking about creating a second Belarusian company, a lower cost one, to develop competition and transportation of passengers. Hrodna Airlines is the one considered first. A decision on it is to be taken in the near future.

The air line will get clients thanks to the Hrodna visa-free regime. Israel, for example, is considered a viable flight destination.