Banker and philanthropist Babaryka may stand in 2020 presidential election

Viktar Babaryka, 56, is going to run for president of Belarus.

“I never thought that I would write such a text. I hoped that I could remain in the position of economic analyst without getting into politics until new times came in our country. However, never say never,” he said on Facebook.

According to Babaryka, he is far from being a ‘naive person’ who does not know the rules of the election game in Belarus.


Viktar Babaryka stresses that he is fully aware of the existing principle ‘It doesn’t matter whom people vote for, it matters how the votes are counted’.

At the same time, he flags the ‘backwardness of any inefficient system’ and hopes for ‘the opportunities provided by new tools that are based on modern technology’.

The banker cautiously voices fears that this year’s voting might become the last election that will be taking place in independent Belarus. He links his decision to campaign for the presidency to the desire to improve the situation in the country and have no regrets about not even trying to change something.

Viktar Babaryka has been Chairman of Belgazprombank Board since 2000. Today, on May 12, he has voluntarily resigned from his senior management job.

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As reported earlier, the 2020 presidential election is scheduled for August, 9. Over the last five days, many people have profiled their presidential ambitions, including former MP Hanna Kanapatskaya, Belarusian hi-tech park founder Valery Tsapkala, opposition leader and former political prisoner Mikalai Statkevich.

In late January, five Belarusian opposition parties agreed to nominate a single candidate for the 2020 presidential elections. Their representatives declared that the primaries would last until May and would also be conducted on the Internet. However, on May 10, a group of Belarusian opposition politicians said that the COVID-19 threat took the ‘full participation’ in the 2020 presidential campaign and electing a single candidate off the table.

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