American diplomat attempts to fly out of Russia with mine

MOSCOW REGION, RUSSIA – MARCH 6, 2019: An Aeroflot plane at Sheremetyevo International Airport. Marina Lystseva/TASS

On the morning of March 9, the security service of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport found a mortar bomb in an American embassy officer’s baggage.

TASS reported that the mine was without explosives, but later the agency clarified that it had a fuse.

“Without an explosive, such an object cannot be called a mine, but a fuse, of course, is dangerous. I cannot clarify what the exact danger is: the fuse can be both a primer of a hunting cartridge, and a device that explodes a multi-ton bomb,” says journalist and hunter Alyaksandr Acharetny.

The expert believes that this is a big scale dummy.

“You can find it at any auction that specializes in military items. Mines of mortars do not cost much,” adds Acharetny.

The American diplomat traveled from Russia after the completion of the trip. He stated that he had acquired an empty mine “for a personal collection.”

Because of the mine situation, the American was late for the plane; he had to be re-issued a ticket for another flight.

“At 14:35 he flew to New York without any obstacles. Without a mine,” the Russian Foreign Ministry told reporters.