Ambassador Artur Michalski: Poland ready to help Belarus diversify its energy sources

In an interview with TV channel Belarus 1, the Ambassador of Poland to Belarus Artur Michalski has stated positive dynamics in economic relations between the two countries and said that Poland was ready to help Belarus in diversifying energy sources.

Artur Michalski said that Belarus and Poland are beginning cooperation in the energy sector.

“Active political dialogue between our countries is very helpful here,” said the ambassador. “We understand the need of Belarus in the diversification of energy sources, we did it a long time ago. We know that Belarus talks to many countries about possible transit routes — with the Baltic countries and Poland, too. In political terms, everything is clear here. We have a very friendly attitude to this process”.

The diplomat notes that Poland would like to help Belarus in the diversification of energy sources.

Mr Michalski said that, in general, the economic relations between the two countries are showing positive dynamics. Now the annual trade turnover between Poland and Belarus exceeds $3 billion. Belarus also arouses curiosity among Polish investors: in particular, they are attracted by the furniture industry, agriculture and the IT-sector.