Court of Appeal upholds sentence of Pavel Sevyarynets

On 27 August, the Supreme Court of Belarus considered the appeal against the sentence upon Pavel Sevyarynets and the activists of “European Belarus,” tried together with the politician. The verdicts remained unchanged.

Pavel Seviarynets’ wife Volha wrote about the result of the appeal on Facebook:

“The appeals court left the verdict over Pavel Sevyarynets unchanged. I’m just going to write here. The only thing is that they counted 1 day in jail for 1.5 days in prison, so Pavel has already served a year and a half. There is 5.5 left to serve, but I believe that God has something quite different in store for us”.

Pavel Sevyarynets and “European Belarus” activists were convicted on May 25 by Mahiliou regional court. They were charged under several parts of the “protest” article 293 of the Criminal Code.

Judge Iryna Lanchava passed the following verdicts:

– Pavel Sevyarynets, Yauhen Afnagel, and Andrei Voynich – 7 years in a reinforced regime colony;

Pavel Yukhnevich, Dzmitry Kazlou, and Maksim Vinyarski – 5 years in a penal colony;

Iryna Shchastnaya – 4 years in jail.

According to “Belsat,” law enforcement officers arrested Maksim Vinyarski’s sister Alena Tserashkova and her husband Andrei on August 27. The spouses have four minor children. They are staying with their grandmother. Alena and Maksim’s mother is in a difficult psychological state.

Alena Tserashkova is a jaw and facial surgeon who writes children’s fairy tales in Belarusian and English language manuals.