Russia may supply S-400 air defense system to Belarus

To strengthen the air defense system of the so-called Union State, Russia may send to Belarus the S-400 “Triumf,” said the head of the Russian Industry and Trade Ministry Denis Manturov, reports INTERFAX.RU.

Anti-aircraft defense systems S-400 “Triumf” can be supplied to Belarus. Head of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov believes that in this way, the defense of the so-called Union State will grow.

“Russia and Belarus have long been linked by close union relations. (…) In this regard, there are objective plans to further improve and strengthen the air defense system of the Republic of Belarus, which is part of the Union State. With this in mind, Belarus can be supplied with state-of-the-art air defense systems such as S-400, developed and produced by enterprises of Almaz-Antey Concern,” Manturov said.

Previously, Lukashenka said he was interested in buying Russian S-400 systems. However, as of July of this year, Belarus had not filed any applications to purchase these defense systems from Russia.

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