Belarusians picket office of Norwegian Yara in Szczecin

Picket of Belarusians in Szczecin outside the office of Yara.
Photo: Belsat

On August 20, Belarusians picketed the main office of the Norwegian trading group Yara in Poland in Szczecin.

Picketers handed a petition to representatives of the company, asking to listen to the Belarusians and to stop cooperation with Lukashenka’s regime:

“The suppression of fundamental rights and freedoms at Belaruskali today contradicts Yara’s code of ethics. But the leadership of the concern, instead of stopping their cooperation with Lukashenka, can only make sure that they paint the fence and set up showers at Belaruskali. The rest is being turned a blind eye to, and “deep concern over the current situation” expressed. Now it says that it will probably decide to stop cooperating with the regime till December 2021. But every month of such cooperation finances the machine of violence at the cost of the health and freedom of thousands of Belarusians.

Leaflets with information about the situation in Belarus were also handed out to passersby.

belsat. eu