Former Belarusian Ambassador to Slovakia released

Former Belarusian Ambassador to Slovakia Ihar Lyashchenia has been released, Anton Matolka’s Telegram channel reports.

According to it, on August 20th, Ihar Lyashchenia was brought straight home.

The diplomat’s release was also reported in the initiative “Skhod,” a member of which he was.

Information about the release was confirmed by the diplomat’s daughter, Anastasia.

“Dad is at home, feeling well, sends his love and thanks a lot for the support. He is asking for understanding and forgiveness, as he will not be in touch in the near future. He wants to rest in a peaceful home environment,” she wrote on Facebook.

She also sent a message from her father saying that he remained a suspect and signed a nondisclosure paper for the investigation.

Former Belarusian Ambassador to Slovakia Ihar Lyashchenia criticized violence against the Belarusian people and protesters after the presidential elections in August 2020 and later took part in various public political initiatives.

He was detained on August 11, 2021, and placed in a temporary detention facility. Human rights activists believe that the true motive for the diplomat’s imprisonment is his non-violent activities aimed at promoting democratic values and the legitimate exercise of freedom of opinion and expression. Therefore, Ihar Leshchenia was recognized as a political prisoner.

On August 12, Slovak Prime Minister Edouard Gagger called for the release of Ihar Leshchenia and all political prisoners.

According to him, Slovakia, together with its partners in the European Union, is ready for new sanctions and will continue to press the Belarusian authorities “so that ordinary Belarusians could live in a safe, democratic, and free country.”